D.C. Ramblings

Some days I make my way to Washington D.C. to watch people. D.C is a small area, only 68 square miles, and populated with persons from various cultures and ethnicities.  At times the city can be crowded, and at other times sparsely populated. No matter the density of people, one thing is always certain. Everyone always seem to exist in a bubble, oblivious to the world around them. Why is that?

This guy was focused on his cell phone as he walked by the Lincoln Memorial

These two ladies were enamored with the selfie they took

These two girls were laughing while riding their skateboard

This guy was running by a couple playfully taunting each other

This guy was biking around the National Mall with his two kids in tow

This mother was giving her son instructions on how to take the photo with the Washington Monument in the background. Took the little guy a few attempts to get it right.

Untitled photo

This lady was taking a selfie next to the wall at the Korean War Memorial

Amazingly, this woman was able to bike around the National Mall without bumping into anyone

This girl was enjoying herself as her dad lifted each sibling so they could swing from the branches of the cherry blossom trees

This young lady was talking (to her dad) and adjusting her lipgloss while they both took a break from sightseeing

The same young lady reading the quotes on the Martin Luther King Memorial wall (with her mom)

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